Veronica Avluv's Ass is Double Fucked


Veronica Avluv is a brunette who loves anal and BDSM so much. She enjoys role play, rough sex, and rimming. She was James's little fuck doll. Scene starts with her wearing a chain collar, sexy panties, a pair of gloves and sexy high heeled boots. James moves behind her, takes off the collar handle from her mouth then pulls her to the floor. He spanks her ass and walks her around like a pet. Veronica gladly follows orders from her master. She faces him then climbs up to meet his lips. James is rough on her. He slaps her face and pulls her hair, but none of those ever matter to her. She loves every pain and even longs for more. James moves behind her and with one hand on her throat, she plays and spanks her pussy over her see-through undies. James removes his shoe and lets Veronica suck his toes. Pushing her against the wall, he spanks her ass, pulls her undies down then takes his pants off. He enters her ass, takes his shirt off then put it on her head. She spreads her ass while James roughly takes her from behind. James walks her on the floor, makes her suck his cock, then slaps her face numerous times to which Veronica takes willingly. They tried different positions, from the floor to the stairs. An intruder knocks on the door and when no one opened, he climbed up the fence, into the lawn, entered through a window then saw James fucking Veronica. He took off his pants and started masturbating. Veronica, climbed up the stairs to where Xander is then took his cock to her mouth. Standing behind her and with one leg up the railing, he entered her pussy. Xander fingered her pussy until she squirted before penetrating her cunt then her asshole. They did many different positions from her riding him on the floor then on the couch. James joins the fun. Veronica stays on top of Xander who's fucking her pussy and James behind her, penetrating her asshole. James pulls her and pushes her against the wall. He guides his cock down her throat before pulling off, Xander standing to give her mouth another fuck. Back on the couch, Veronica is on James' lap who's giving her ass a nice fuck while Xander enters her cunt. She squirted again and again. The threesome went on, one position after another until they double fucked her gaping ass. Scene ends with Veronica kneeling on the floor, receiving a good facial from two big dicks.


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