Natasha Juja Ass Fucked To Insanity


James Deen walks into the kitchen with Natasha Juja washing the dishes. Natasha is still fully dressed in a pink muscle T-shirt and a purple skirt. She has an apron on. James, on the other hand, wears the usual, a black T-shirt and jeans. Before he can even get near her, her clothes are already on the floor though she leaves the apron on. James grabs her ass and bends her upper body down until it touches the kitchen countertop. He guides her as he spreads her legs wide and puts duct tape on her ass cheeks, trying to slightly open her ass hole for some anal sex. James now takes off her clothes while Natasha remains in her position. James slowly thrusts his big hard cock inside her ass hole for some ass-fucking session. He humps her hard from behind as she grabs on the kitchen countertop. He fucks him even faster. Both just love hearing their skin slapping each other. The sound just makes them even hornier. James temporarily pulls his dick out then covers Natasha’s face with a cloth. He slams his hardon inside her ass hole as they continue their butt sex. Her face covered turns him on even more that he unstoppably humps her with one of her legs raised to his shoulder until he orgasms inside her. James Deen leaves after that satisfying butt fucking session. Later that afternoon, Natasha decides to read a book as she lies down on the floor, still butt naked. Some men from the neighborhood come in and fucks her ass hole but they don’t bother her at all. She continues reading as they take their turns in humping her in the missionary position. One even lifts both of her legs up as he thrusts his big cock inside her ass hole. Natasha Juja remains on the floor, still reading a book after all the men orgasmed and left.


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