Dana DeArmond's Ass Wrecked and Stretched Open


The scene opens with James Deen and Dana DeArmond passionately kissing each other on the lips as she lies half naked on the couch while he is still fully clothed. James’ right hand goes inside Dana’s patterned-printed shorts, trying to finger her asshole. As James sits down on the couch, Dana hops on his lap, kissing him on the lips. He then sucks both of her big tits as she hurriedly takes her shorts off. Dana now lies on the gray couch, fully naked with only her pair of stilettos on as James licks and eats her asshole, half-naked. She widely spreads and raises both of her legs up giving him more access to her butthole. He kisses her on the lips as he finishes eating her asshole, making her taste herself. James then gets rid of his pants and lets Dana give him a blowjob as she sits on the couch and he stands in front of her, his big cock facing her mouth. She deepthroats his full-length member until she almost chokes. He then makes her lies on the couch as he fucks her mouth. He even lets her suck both of his balls, one after the other. She sucks his cock until it is hard and ready to fuck. With Dana still lying on the couch, James spreads her legs apart and raises them above her head as he slowly thrusts his big hard dick inside her tight asshole. Both porn stars just love her butthole opening up and adjusting to his size for some rough anal sex. James and Dana has some ass pounding sex in the missionary position before he turns her to the side. He then butt fucks her in the scoop me up position until both are almost at their peak. He then pulls his dick out as they shift sex positions. The ass fucking continues as James lies on the couch as Dana hops on top of him, slowly guiding his big hard cock into her tight asshole. She rides and butt fucks his big hard cock in the reverse cowgirl position until he decides to once again take control of the situation. The butt sex between Dana and James continues on as he puts her on all fours on the couch. He then surprises her, ramming his big hard cock into sweet little tight asshole. She screams at the surprise but is pleasured as he humps her in the doggy-style position until he is about to orgasm. James Deen fucks her mouth until he orgasms. Dana DeArmond happily swallows and smiles at the camera after that ass-stretching rough anal porn.


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