Cherie Deville Likes Anal


You know what’s better than good liquor? A nice ass. Especially when it’s on the body of someone like Cherie Deville. This statement reflects on James Deen’s eyes when he’s being served by Cherie Deville. Then it fades to black. When the scene gets back on, you’ll be in an angle where you’ll see Cherie’s ass being clapped by James’ fat cock. James is now behind the bar giving Cherie some good old anal. Cherie just reaches out to her pussy from time to time to rub herself out. With no dialogue or anything, this will be the one that will welcome you. Nice, right? James rough fucking becomes apparent as the time goes by. He pulls Cherie by the hair or face to keep her in place. He eventually places Cherie on top of the counter to eat her out. He even put most of his hand on her cunt and let her taste it. Cherie’s asshole gets the same treatment too. In that same position, James fucks her holes alternately while occasionally grabbing her by the neck. This the times where we lack dick to fulfill all of her desires. But we should work what we have, right? Cherie responds to that rough handling by flashing a smile. James is just got into Cherie’s strike zone. After some of that, Cherie kneels down again to suck and gag on his dick. James, this time, grabs her neck with a force that made her face red but the hint of satisfaction didn’t leave her. After this, James goes back on fucking her ass, but this time, he went all out making her ass hole wide as fuck that you can see her insides. Being bent over helped to see this exclusive view of Cherie. James just blew his load into Cherie’s mouth upon completion.


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