Christen Courtney: Slut Wife Submits For Anal


Christen Courtney wears a white with black spot lingerie hugging her voluptuous body as she sits in a chair just beside the bathroom, her arms resting comfortably on the table. Her lips are red as a freshly-bloomed rose in the spring. She faces the camera as she starts talking to a man wearing a lavender long-sleeved top. Erik Everhard kisses the nape of her neck in front of the mirror. Erik Everhard starts zipping his black denim jeans as he lies on the bed. She just smiles coyly as she watches him stand up and strides to where she was seated. He teases her as she slowly pushes his pants down. His big cock sprang out at the same time his butt cheeks are uncovered. Without any hesitation, Erik grabs her by her brunette hair and forces his full length into her mouth. She deep throats him until he walked back to the bed satisfied. She begins to undress uncovering her bird tattoo at the back. She was wearing a maroon tube top to cover her breasts and nothing else to cover her pussy. She bends down exposing her bare butt cheeks waiting for Erik to finish taking off his clothes and approach her for some more anal sex. Erik, now fully naked walks up to Christen with half of her clothes still on, rams his dick into her butthole. She shrieked at the sudden entry inside of her. Not feeling any pleasure with their current position, he slides his cock out and places her upper body on top of the table and slams into her again. He drags her top down exposing her hardened nipples as keeps thrusting in and out of her that one couldn’t tell whether she was hurting or feeling delightful by the expressions of her face. With his dick still inside her butt hole, they moved to the bed. He turns him on her side while he stands on the edge of the bed. He thrusts his dick more and more inside her before pulling out. From their current position, he shifts her into missionary, her back on the pure white bed sheets as he kneels on it. He doesn’t enter her yet, he just keeps on rubbing his dick at the entrance of her butthole, teasing her, making her want his dick even more. She was already feeling disappointed by what seems to be a never-ending teasing when out of the blue, he stuffs his hard dick back into her butthole for the third time now. He lifts one of her legs up to make it more pleasurable. Wanting her butt hole to tighten its grip around his dick, he switches her to the side, a position where legs are touching each other. Erik, still kneeling while Christen was on her side, begins pumping in and out of her until he feels that he was about to cum. Christen is now back on the chair where she was sitting in the beginning and Erik is lying on the bed. They tease each other by touching themselves while directly staring into each other’s eyes. She plays with both her pussy and boobs with her long fingers while he masturbates. She once again found herself in the bed facing the sheets with the porn star standing and humping her from behind. He pumps on her too hard until he was about to cum. The porn star even fucked her standing facing the bathroom door. Feeling his cum almost dripping on the tip of his penis, he forces his dick into her mouth, making her swallow the whole size of his member. He mouth-fucks her until he cummed all over her face.


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